Monday, May 16, 2011

One Of Those Days

Day 184
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Today has been one of those days.
I went to bed kinda early last night, about 10pm, then Kase decided to wake himself up coughing just after midnight, then stay awake for almost two hours. Then Cohen woke at 4am-ish. We managed to get him back to sleep fairly quickly, but then Kase was back awake about 6am (I think, I went back to sleep and Simon got him up).
Today hasn't been much better on the sleeping front, particularly for Kason. He slept for 30mins TOTAL all day. Cohen was slightly better - he slept for 1 hour total! That made for two very grumpy boys who did not want me to leave their sides all day.

In other news, I sewed these pram liners up for a friend tonight. I think they turned out pretty well. She asked for red and green, and because I use cotton drill for the liners, it does limit the fabric patterns quite a bit. I'll give them to her tomorrow at playgroup, so hopefully she likes them!


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