Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend!

On Thursday morning, we flew out for Sydney to visit Simon's Dad and Stepmum. Kason and Cohen did awesomely on the flight, and the most stressful part of the day was waiting for our rental car – we'd ordered it weeks before, and requested two carseats. We got there, and they had only put one seat in. They then decided to upgrade our car (score!). Unfortunately, that meant that they then had to install two carseats in the new car which seemed to take freaken ages. After packing everything into the car and putting the boys in their seats, we discovered that Kason's seat was soaking wet. Someone had taken the car through the carwash with the window down. Smart cookie that person is, because we then had to wait, AGAIN, for them to find another dry seat, and install it. Our flight arrived at 3:30pm, and we didn't get to leave the rental car place until over an hour later, right smack-bang in the middle of rush hour traffic. It took us until about 6pm to actually get to Simon's Dad's place.

Kase and Cohen had a great sleep on Thursday night, especially since they were in a strange place, sleeping in port-a-cots. They didn't wake until after 7am Adelaide time – they don't even do that at home! We just spent most of Friday around home, and headed out to Parramatta mall for a while. That mall is MASSIVE!!!!!!!! We only looked at a few shops, and we were there for a good 2.5 hours. Simon and I have been there several times before, and it has taken us more than a day to actually look around it properly, and I swear there are more shops there now than there was five or so years ago when we were last there.

Saturday was a busy and crazy day. We took Kason and Cohen to a park down the street to play, then at their naptime, we put them in the car and drove about an hour south, to a train station. We learnt a pretty good lesson on the way. Do not think you know better than the GPS in a city you don't know. We were pretty close to where we were going, saw a train station, and decided to turn off where the GPS said to go straight. Not a bright idea. It wasn't a train station (it was a training place. For train drivers, perhaps?). After missing quite a lot of the turn-offs the GPS told us to take (in our defence, the streets were hidden!), it took us like 30minutes extra to get to where we were going. Which ended up being about 15 metres down the road from where we took that stupid turn-off.
Anyways! After that drama, we met one of our friends at the train station, caught a train into the city, and went to the Sydney Aquarium. Kason, especially, loved looking at all of the fish! He was just so excited about it all
Cohen enjoyed it too, but he did not want to be in the stroller. Nor did he want to be carried. He wanted to walk, thank you very much. And no, he wasn't going to hold anyone's hand. He wanted to go by himself, to where HE wanted to go. I was definitely kicking myself for forgetting his monkey backpack leash – it was in the boot of the car at the train station!
We were there for several hours, before getting the train back, picking up the car, and driving further south to have dinner with some other friends. It was great to catch up with them, and meet baby Z (and give them his quilt – they loved it!), and dinner was beautiful too

Sunday morning was our flight home, and again the boys did awesome! Simon somehow managed to sleep on BOTH flights, and Kason slept on the flight home. Kase also developed a temperature on the return flight, and just wanted to snuggle his Daddy. Thankfully we'd packed the Panadol in our carry-on luggage, and we stripped down to his jeans and nappy only and got some cold cloths from the air steward. The Panadol kicked in as we landed, and he was happy as larry again.

It didn't last too long though. Yesterday (Monday), he wasn't happy again. Cohen wasn't either. They have both come down with a pretty nasty cold, and today was even worse. For the majority of the day, Kason was either crying or sleeping I was giving him and Cohen a cuddle on the couch this morning, an hour before their nap, and Kase just fell asleep. He then slept for over 2 hours and I had to wake him (and Cohen) up to take them both to the doctors. They also both had an afternoon nap as well, and again I had to wake Kason. Poor boys. I hope they are both feeling more like themselves tomorrow. Kason has never cried so much in one day ever.
It's so hard, on days like today, having twins. They both were so unhappy and just wanted cuddles. Cohen was quite happy to share me, but Kason didn't want a bar of it. Each time he realises Cohen was there, he would try to push Cohen away, bite him and scream at him. It's hard because they both need me, they both need cuddles, reassurance and my undivided attention, and I just can't give it to either of them. I feel so bad that Kason got more of my attention than Cohen did today. I hope tomorrow I can make up for it. Also hoping for a better day!


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