Friday, August 26, 2011

Fifteen Months!

Wow! I cannot believe that you two are 15 months old already!!!

We have mostly had a great month J There was a week or so when you were both sick which was a bit tough, but we're through that now, and it's all good again. The weather is starting to improve now, too, so we've been spending more and more time outside in the sunshine – it's so much fun, and you both love it. We have met up with your friends at the park several times in the last couple of weeks.
We had Aunty Lesha come and stay with us for the weekend a few weeks ago, and you boys really enjoyed having her here, and having a bit more individual attention. When we went out to the shops with her, I forgot your stroller, so Cohen you walked holding Aunty Lesha's hand – you were so proud of yourself, and rightly so.
The weekend after that, we spend four days in Sydney. You met your Grandpa and Grandma for the first time! You were both absolutely fantastic on both of the flights. Cohen, on the flight home, you wanted to go for a walk up and down the aisle, so we did. You stopped and 'talked' to almost long as they had something you thought was interesting on their tray (ipad, newspaper, cup of water etc.). Kason, on the way home, you got a pretty high temperature, so we had to strip you down to just your jeans and wipe your face and tummy with a cold cloth to try to cool you down. You also had a pretty good nap with Daddy. No grizzles though, from either of you. We're so glad that you are both such good little travellers. You absolutely adored your Grandpa and Grandma, and you were both SO well behaved even though there was a lot there to tempt you. You also had your first train ride – we met Uncle Wayne and went to the Sydney Aquarium. Kason, you especially loved it! Just watching the fish swim around was enough to keep you happy
J Cohen, on the other hand, you wanted to walk where you wanted to walk. You didn't want to be carried and you didn't want to be in the also didn't want to walk where we wanted you to! But you did enjoy watching the fish, and hanging out with Uncle Wayne. After the aquarium we went to Kiel & Anngret's for dinner and met baby Zac. Neither of you were too interested in him (which was good when he was sleeping in his swing), but you loved playing with his toys!
It was a very busy and full-on weekend, and you were both little champs. You both slept great in the port-a-cots, especially for being away from home, and totally off your usual routine.

Kason, in the last two to three weeks, you have started walking everywhere! You are getting more and more confident with it every day, it's so awesome to watch J unfortunately, just yesterday you had a tumble down the little step going outside and grazed your lip and cheek on the concrete. You cried for less than a minute, and you were soon back to your usual happy self. Your face was quite swollen, so you and Cohen split an icy pole – which you absolutely LOVED!
You are very cheeky, and you are constantly climbing up on the coffee have just taught Cohen how to do it too. You will often come up to me, throw your arms around my neck and pick your feet up off the ground so I have to pick you up! If you wake up early and then come into bed with us, you will often lean over and give me and/or Daddy a kiss – you are such a sweet boy.
Oh, and your little bike! Wow, you love your bike!!! I wouldn't even want to count the number of times a day you climb on your bike! Sometimes you just sit on it, and sometimes you scoot yourself backwards. You haven't quite figured out the going forward thing yet, but I have seen you do it a couple of times. Cohen will often push you along, too.
Your eating has improved this month...well, this week! You don't really have a favourite food (other than yoghurt), as some days you will eat something, but a few days later it all gets thrown on the floor, or spat out. You do really enjoy fish finger though, that's usually a safe bet.
Your favourite thing to play with is the slide we got you when Aunty Lesha was here. You like to go down it on your tummy, and you are just figuring out the steps...but I have to stop you when you get to the top because I don't want you going down head first! You just LOVE the slide, and your peals of laughter and giggles make us smile – we've got lots of video and photos of you on the slide!
You are starting to make some animal noises, and you do a very scary lion impression – it's SO super cute! You don't do it all the time, just when you want to
J You are also still doing your ninja impression, which makes everyone laugh – which you love. You really do like to make people happy, and you get really upset if I have to tell you or your brother off.
You are just SO much fun to have around, you are such a darling boy...and a daring boy!

Cohen, you love to walk, and you are very confident. You try to run sometimes, but you can't quite get your feet to move as fast as you want them to. After your baths during the week, you 'run' out of the bathroom and all around the lounge room. When I come to pick you up to get you in your jamys, you giggle, turn around and 'run' in the other direction! You often hide behind your stand & sit giraffe – you know it's a bit tricky to get you out from behind that.
Just in the last day or so, Kason has taught/shown you how to climb up on the coffee table. You now do that at every chance you get! You are very proud of yourself when you accomplish it, but you don't get down without a fight!
You love to snuggle. You will often come over to me and give me a little cuddle before getting back to your play
J Your favourite thing at the moment is to play in your ball pit, and in the plastics cupboard. You will often scamper off down the hallway and entertain yourself in the ball pit for ten minutes. We love listening to your giggles! Kason will often follow you down there, and you both make each other laugh, so much! You have also started pushing Kason on his bike, you both have so much fun doing that!
You enjoy eating, and we can usually get you to eat most things. You still LOVE yoghurt, but you are also really enjoying fish fingers and my homemade chicken nuggets at the moment. You are constantly going through my baby bag in an effort to find snacks – anyone would think we didn't feed you!
You really enjoy being outside and exploring. When we have the slide out, you will have a blast playing on that...for a little while! Your attention is quickly diverted to other things, like leaves and dirt, and just walking around and seeing what else you can find that mightn't have been there the day before. You are very independent, and you like to do what you want to do, but you also like to follow me and Daddy.
At the playground, your favourite has been the swing, but recently you are enjoying the slide the most – especially now that you can go down it mostly by yourself, just holding mine or Daddy's hand.
When we were in Sydney, your Grandpa gave you a gorgeous soft toy dog. You fell in love with it instantly, and you will pick it up before bed and give it a kiss – I don't even get a goodnight kiss most nights! Anyways, since then, you have started saying your first words (other than 'Mama' and 'Dada') – 'dog' and 'doggie'! Every animal is apparently a doggie, and real dogs are hit and miss with being a dog according to you, but your soft toy dog, is DEFINITELY 'Doggie'! You will also pat your tummy when I ask you, "Where's Cohen's tummy?"
You have taken a liking to baby Matilda, you will often sit next to her, with your hand gently on her foot or tummy. You are very strong-willed and you don't like being told to do something you don't want to do, but you are very sweet and caring. If Kason is upset, you will often come over and try to make him feel better. You are such a delight, and I love being able to spend all day with you!

The last couple of weeks, you have been having GREAT daytime naps! Just one during the day, but for 2 – 2½ hours! This is MUCH better than the 40 minute maximum I had been getting from you both!
You guys are at such a fun age at the moment, and especially when you are both happy, which is 99% of the time. We love watching you play together, and you really do spend most of your day playing next to each other – it's certainly not common for you to be in different parts of the house when you're both awake.
We just love you both so, so much! We've had an awesome month, and the one to come will be just as great, if not better!

I love you both in a circle

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