Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And More Tears

It has been beautifully sunny and unseasonally warm here today – we rocked a high of 25C! Apparently that's the highest early-August day on record for Adelaide. Right now, though, I can hear big rolls of thunder that are last for a good minute or so at a time. No rain though, just thunder.

While Kason and Cohen were at Occasional Care this morning, Simon and I took the opportunity to go out for coffee! His work hours annoy me sometimes, but I really appreciate having him home in the mornings – I honestly don't know how people get organised for the day without a second pair of hands! We also managed to get the housework done. I know that housework isn't really the ideal way to spend my 'break', but hey! It's gotta be done, and that's about the only chance I get to do it without having to worry about being disturbed by waking child, or having two boys following me around.
Anyways, they both had a nap while they were at Occasional Care, and after lunch we went to G's house for a few hours. Cohen and Kason love playing with G, and I enjoy catching up with his Mum
J Today there were a couple of other mums there with their little ones – one I'd met once before, and one I actually went to hydrotherapy classes with when we were pregnant (she and G's Mum were in the same antenatal class). It was great to catch up, have some adult conversation, and have three other pairs of eyes to help watch each others' babies! Kason and Cohen, on the other hand, were not impressed. The last few days they have been pretty whiney and clingy. I thought they'd be distracted from it at G's house with the different toys to play with and someone different to hang out with. I was wrong. They both just wanted to be picked up and held, preferably in easy reach of the table. At one point, I was holding Cohen on my lap, and Kason distracted my attention for about 1.768 seconds and in that time, Cohen had grabbed my chocolate chip cupcake off of my plate and shoved it into his mouth. When I tried to prise the remainder out of his hand, he just crumbled it onto my lap!
They were much happier after we got home, which was kinda weird seeings as they have been like that at home for the last two days...

Change of subject, cause I'm awesome at that. I finished my next sewing project tonight J In Sydney we will be staying with Simon's dad (and his partner) and they won't have a highchair for the boys to use, so I have sewn up two fabric travel chairs which will strap them to a normal dining chair. We don't have a dining table, and therefore no dining chairs, so I can't test them out until we get there, but I'm looking forward to trying them out! I'll post pictures soon.



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