Monday, August 8, 2011

Lots of Fun!

We had such a great weekend! On Friday afternoon, we went into the city to take a look at the photos we had taken last week. They were A.MAZING!!! We had to narrow it down to five...yeah, that wasn't possible! We did get it down to seven though. I am SO excited about getting them back in a few weeks' time.

From there, we stopped at one of the city parks so the boys could have a play, before we walked Simon to work. Once the boys and I got home, it was time for their dinner, bath, cup of milk and bed. Not long after that, I had to put them back in the car to pick Lesha up from the airport, and Simon from work. I'm SO lucky that they sleep so well at night – they kept right on sleeping, didn't even notice they were no longer in their cots, then transferred back to their cots without even peeping their eyes open. AND they slept in until 7am for the second morning running!

Saturday Simon had to work, so Lesha, Kason, Cohen and I just chilled out together. We went down to the coffee shop at the mall for lunch...and I forgot the stroller! I took it out on Friday night for Lesha's suitcase, and completely forgot to put it back in. So, we had to carry the boys. Although, Cohen did walk a little bit holding Lesha's hand – it was SO super cute! When we left, we went for a drive down the coast so the boys could nap and Lesh could see a bit of the scenery.

Sunday we had our usual swimming lesson (Kason walked across the floating mat in the middle of the pool!!!), then in the afternoon, I had to take Lesha to the airport for her flight back to Melbourne. She was flying standby and didn't manage to get on the flight she was supposed to be on (luckily there was one an hour later she could get on), so we got the most divine chocolate mousse from the chocolate shop at the airport, sat by the gate and just chatted J

It was SO awesome to have her here. She was my roommate at University, and no matter how long it's been since we last saw each other, we always pick right back up again J I love that she's now living in Melbourne – so close! She will definitely be back again soon, and I'm hoping to get over to her sometime soon for a girls weekend – Si can look after the boys for a weekend!


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