Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tricks and Tears

Kason learnt a new trick today, and he is SO proud of himself! There is a song at playgroup that goes, "Open, shut them. Open, shut them. Give a little clap. Open, shut them. Open, shut them. Lay them in your lap. Creep them, creep them. Creep them, creep them. Right up to your chin. Open wide your little mouth...and do not let them in!" Kason will now open and shut and clap his hands in all the right places – it so SO cute J I'll have to try and get it on video when Si's home.

He has also been working hard on his walking – he is now up to 18 steps. Although, he seems to walk most when I'm not watching, so he may have done more. I really don't think it will be much longer before he is off and walking everywhere like Cohen is.

Today has been a bit rough. Both Kason and Cohen have been very grizzly and clingy – at playgroup this morning, I went next door to change Cohen. Either boy would usually be perfectly happy at playgroup if they couldn't see me for a few minutes (lots to distract them!), but Kason was not impressed. I thought they'd be happier after a nap...but not so much. They were both literally climbing all over me all afternoon. Kason didn't want a bar of lunch or dinner, except for the baby puree from the squeezy packet. But only if he could do it himself. I think that they both have molars coming through, and maybe it's a wonder week? I'm just hoping that they start to feel more like themselves in the next few days.
Oh! It was a bit cute tonight, just before their bath. Kason fell over and bumped his head, so I picked him up and he saw my laptop. He started waving at it – he wanted to Skype Nana & Grumps! We called them quickly, and the tears quickly stopped...until we had to hang up so they could have their bath, then they started again, in full force and from both boys!

I have to admit that I am kinda looking forward to getting a break from them for a few hours tomorrow morning when they go to Occasional Care.


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