Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Weekend and More!

We had great plans to go the beach on Saturday as the temperature was supposed to get up to 35C. We figured we'd be smart and wait until later in the afternoon so it wouldn't be so scorching hot, and there would maybe be less people there. We went and tested out a new playground first thing in the morning (success!), came home for a nap and lunch, then chilled out at home, played in the sprinkler a little, then got packed up and headed to the beach about 3"30pm. When we got there, 5 minutes down the road, the sun had vanished behind the clouds that had suddenly appeared. It was still really warm...but the water wasn't! We went and had a little paddle, but Kason and Cohen wanted more! Lucky for them we took their inflatable tug boats we got them last summer, so we put them in there and they had a blast.

On Sunday, we managed a shopping trip! I had kinda been putting it off because the store we went to was 40 minutes away, and Cohen and Kason don't do too well at sitting in the stroller for any extended period of time. But, they did really well. We did let them walk part of the time, but we are still working on getting them to hold our hands when we are out and about.
We went with the intention of getting Simon some new jeans. He often struggles to find pants that fit him because he's so skinny (he hates that he can't put on weight - oh the downside (?!) of being a dance teacher!}. The first pair he tried on fitted him, and looked great! We got a few other things, including a couple of wire cheese slicers! Sounds lame, I know, but we broke our other one and we have not been able to find another one anywhere! We were starting to think they didn't sell them in Australia!

This morning, both Cohen and Kason seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the cot...both boys were uber grumpy, so after brekky we took them back to the playground we checked out on Saturday morning, and we ran into one of their little friends who was there with his Grandma J Kase & Cohen loved it there - we'll definitely be going back there often this summer I think. They were much happier after their naps, and even ate all of their lunch which is almost unheard of! Dinner, on the other hand, was a completely different story, but we won't go into that.

Different topic.
Before Kason and Cohen were born, I made name canvasses for above their cots. They look great, and I still love them. Anyways, when they started teething (and being able to stand up), they also started biting on their cot rails. I made some cot rail covers, which worked a treat...until they figured they could untie them, which they have only done a few times. Anyways, when I made the covers, I just used some fabric I had in my stash, and it totally clashed with their name canvasses and it has been driving me crazy for months! I wouldn't have been too worried, but (mainly unintentionally) pretty much everything else in their room is in the same colour scheme. So, while searching for something else, I came across the fabric I had left over from their canvasses, and there was enough to make new and improved cot rail covers. Last night I finished the first one (of four), and it looks awesome! I'll take a picture of them when all four are done. Which may take some machine has decided to play up something chronic so I need to take it in for a service.

Different topic #2.
I got a phone call from my bestie last night informing me that she got engaged yesterday!!!!! I am beyond stoked for her and her new fiance, they are the perfect couple and it's been a long time coming. When she told me, I screamed! Simon guessed straight away what was going on. And, she asked me to be her bridesmaid
J so super duper excited for them both!!!

I think that's about it for tonight!


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