Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun with...trays?!

We've had a great couple of days! Yesterday morning, we didn't have spots for Cohen and Kason at Occasional Care, so I planned to take them to Twins Playgroup. That, however, got cancelled as everyone else had sick kids L We all headed out though as we had a few jobs to get done. On the way home, we went to the pet shop so Kase & Cohen could see the puppies, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. I swear that it's their favourite place! After nap-time and lunch, we headed outside to play! The boys have taken to tipping their water bottles out inside and then splashing the water, so I gave them some trays and filled them with water. They had a BALL! But, they kept tipping the water out, so I pulled out their little frog pool and they took their trays in there. Apparently, pouring water from one tray to another, sitting in trays, submerging trays, and pretty much anything else you can do with trays in a paddling pool is the. best. thing. ever. They were both fairly unimpressed when I decided it was time to come inside.

I saw this water-wall on Pinterest the other day – I'm thinking I need to get Simon to make it! He has almost finished this already – it will be done by tomorrow afternoon I hope J

Today was a good one too. Simon and I took Cohen and Kason to Toddler Time at the library again, they really seem to enjoy it, but next week we are booked in to try Jump 'n' Jive – burning more energy can't be a bad thing! I was SUPER impressed with the lady who runs the Toddler Time, though. Last week was the first time we'd been, and it's only 30 minutes long. We got there today and she said, "oh great! Double Trouble are here again! Now, let me look at their faces. Alrighty, I think you [indicating to me] have Kason, and you [Simon] have Cohen." She was right!!! And the way she said it, she really didn't doubt herself, it wasn't a random guess! Honestly, she is the second person who has been able to do that – the first was Kason and Cohen's Grandma.

After nap-time, our Child & Youth Health nurse came for her monthly visit, and she is really impressed with them – their language and fine motor skills in particular. I had been thinking that they weren't saying as many words as they 'should' be, but they are saying more than I thought, and some really clearly. She was surprised that they will often say, 'a dog', or 'a ball'.
We just chilled at home mostly, after a quick trip out to grab a few things. I made some cot rail covers for their cots a while back because they started chewing on the rails. I just used some cute fabric I had lying around, but it's been annoying me that they totally clashed with the colour theme in their room! Anyways, while looking for something else the other day, I came across the fabric I used for the canvas names I made for them before they were born, and I have enough to make replacement rail covers!!! I'm making a few amendments to them though – doing them up with buttons instead of ties (they can undo ties, but not buttons!), and making them a little longer. That's my plan for tonight

Dinner has been a bit of a fight lately, neither of them have been particularly interested in dinner. Even my (formerly) fail-proof trick of mixing their meat and veges with yoghurt (gross, I know, but they like it?!) hasn't been working. They wouldn't even eat their fruit tonight. They eat plenty of snacks during the day, and I'm sure if they were hungry they would eat. I'm pretty certain it's just their teeth bothering them a bit because they aren't letting me brush their teeth either.

Better get onto my cutting and sewing!


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