Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bullet Points


  • Simon was working
  • Kason and Cohen were ridiculously grumpy
  • I took the boys for a walk in their trolley to meet Simon off the bus
  • Got back home and Si gave Kason and Cohen their dinner while I made up a gift card
  • Straightened my hair while Simon gave the boys their bath
  • Friends came over to babysit
  • Kason refused to go to sleep for 30 minutes
  • Got pizza
  • Finished getting ready
  • Simon and I went out to an engagement party
  • Had an AWESOME time with some awesome people
  • Got home about 11:30pm
  • Cohen and Kason had been perfect and not woken once.
  • 11:40pm Cohen wakes up
  • Cohen refuses to go back to sleep
  • I take him to our bed and cuddle him there
  • Babysitters leave
  • Cohen still awake


  • Cohen sleeps for 20-minute blocks. No idea what's going on...not teeth, Nurofen didn't help at all.
  • Kason wakes at 6:06am
  • Cohen decides to start his day then, too
  • Quiet morning at home
  • We all nap at nap-time
  • Go out in the afternoon to grab a few things for a project
  • Attempt a walk on the beach – unsuccessful, both boys just want to run to the water, too cold to swim
  • Fairly usual evening
  • Simon and I make two weeks' worth of dinners for Cohen and Kason
  • Get to bed close to midnight


  • At home
  • Played outside with chalk – boys LOVED it, Cohen especially
  • One of my friends came over for the evening
  • Ordered pizza at 7:10pm
  • Apparently a 60-minute wait
  • Pizza arrives at 8:45pm
  • It was cold
  • Friend leaves
  • I tidy, do dishes, fold laundry, rearrange carseats for Tuesday
  • Get to bed about midnight


  • We pick up my friend and her two little girls
  • Go to playgroup
  • Drop friends off
  • Home for boys' naps
  • They only sleep for 40 minutes
  • I make them pikelets for lunch
  • We play outside
  • Skype Nana & Grumps
  • Walk to shops
  • Standard evening
  • Write blog
  • Now, I have to go and clean the house!!!


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