Monday, November 28, 2011

Eighteen Months!

Dear Kason and Cohen,
Cohen & Kason
You are 18 months old!!! You are such little boys now, not babies anymore. And boy, are you two little characters!
Kason, you especially, are a clown! You just love to make people smile and laugh and you have such fun goofing about J Cohen, you are a sweetheart (most of the time!). You love giving kisses and cuddles and blowing kisses. And you both absolutely love to climb!!!! A few days ago, you both figured out how to scale the couch so you could stand on the window-sill. There really is no stopping either of you...and I wouldn't have it any other way.
You are both saying a few words now. Cohen, you have about eight, Kason you have about 12, but you both understand pretty much everything. We ask you to sit down before your milk and your snacks, and straight away you walk over to your little couch and sit down and wait patiently. Whoever is sitting down first will pat the space beside him, asking your brother to sit down, too - it's so sweet!
Kason, you have recently discovered that you can take my hand and lead me around - you find it particularly useful when you want a snack (you take me to the cupboard), or some water (you lead me to the fridge). Cohen, you have figured out how to make the noise when you kiss, and you are constantly blowing kisses. You both blow each other several kisses on your way to bed.

Kason, you have the cutest way of saying 'dog'. You can say it properly, but instead you call dogs (and anything remotely resembling a dog) a "goggie". I really have to get it on video, it's just gorgeous! Cohen, dogs are your absolute favourite. This weekend just gone, we were skyping Nana and Grumps. Their connection dropped out, and when they called us back, you stopped what you were doing, spun around with a big surprised look on your face and yelled, "DOGGIE!!"  - they show you Fonzie each time we talk to them.

You have both started to imitate us a bit more the last week or so, especially when it comes to animal noises. You can do a lion, an elephant, a dog, a fish, and (although not an animal) a fire truck! You also both like to point to pictures of the animals to get Mummy to make the sounds and actions!

Speaking of actions, you are starting to learn the actions to some of your favourite songs - Twinkle, Twinkle and Open, Shut Them are ones you 'ask' for several times a day.

Your eating this month has been...great! If we ignore dinner! You both eat breakfast and lunch and snacks really well, but come dinnertime, neither of you are interested. You are eating less than a quarter of what you were happily eating up until 4-6 weeks ago. And even then, I have to mix it in with yoghurt or your fruit to get you to eat it L I'm really hoping that improves soon.

You both just astound me with how smart you are, and just how much and how quickly you learn. You really do love each so much, and that brings me so much joy. I love it when you kiss each other, or pat each other gently on the head. If one of you is upset, the other will usually come over and just sit nearby.

Kason and Cohen, you bring your Daddy and I so much joy. We are so proud of you both and we arejust loving watching you grow and learn and change every day. Thank you for being such amazing little boys. We love you so, so much.


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