Monday, November 28, 2011

Busy, Busy!

This has to be a's 2:10pm, and both Kason and Cohen are still asleep. They went down about 11:30am!!!! Mind you, they have had a fairly busy morning, but we often do. They were up, once again, at the crack of dawn, so Simon and I took them for a walk after they had their morning bottle, then it was time for brekky, then we got ready and drove to the new pools about 20mins away. They had a blast...well, until Kason wasn't allowed to play with the camera anymore because he and Cohen were fighting over it! No, they really did have fun, and we were in the water for about an hour before they started to get cold. Dropped Simon off at the bus stop and the boys fell asleep on the way home.

Since they've been asleep, I've hung out two loads of washing, made the boys' lunch, made their veges for the week, made their fruit desserts for the week, made a weetbix loaf, tidied the house a bit and found some card and made a couple of templates. This is what I call, Productive.

Last night, well, the last three or four nights really, were what I call, Unproductive. After seeing it on Pinterest, I attempted to put a couple of photos on a canvas. It was an epic fail. In fact, each of the three, oh yes, I was stupid enough to try twice more after the first attempt, attempts was a disaster! And the amount of time I spent on them...well, let's just say I was NOT happy last night. In. The. Slightest. Anyways, I ended up just ordering some online.

Oh, 2:20pm, and I hear a child stirring!!! Make that two children stirring. Almost three hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight's projects: Tutus! My next lot of tulle arrived this morning, and I've got to get a few more made so I can get them in the post so they reach their new owners in time for Christmas – can't wait to get them made and see how cute they turn out J

I've taken the pictures of Cohen and Kason's room, just have to upload them, and then I'll share them...later tonight maybe?

Anyways, I better go and figure out what I'm going to have for lunch...


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