Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chaos...and I'm sure it's only going to get more so!

Day 95
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It's crazy how an hour or so of chaos at the end of the day can seem to overshadow a good day.
This morning we ducked out to buy my early birthday present from my parents (bread maker - MEGA excited! that sad?!) and managed to keep the boys awake in the car, came home and come nap time, they were down for close to two hours!!! Considering a 40 minute nap is good in their books, I was STOKED with two hours! This afternoon we had a playdate with the girls from our Tuesday playgroup - one of the mums has gone back to work and wanted to catch up, so we all went to her place this arvo, was so good to see her and her two kids :-) One of the other mums just had her third boy on Friday (yeah, as in five days ago!) and she popped in with her two youngest. The newest addition is 7lb 12oz and he is so, so tiny! I hasn't been *that* long, but it's strange to think that Kason and Cohen were a little over half that when they were born.
They had a little nap after we got home, and that's when the chaos started. It was mainly just grizzling and whiney and two super clingy boys, Cohen a bit more so. Just made for a hard time trying to get everything ready for their dinner, their bath and bed, but we got there and they are both sound asleep and have been for the last hour and a half! I think all the splashing each other in the bath wore them out.

Thinking about maybe, maybe putting them in occasional care for a couple of hours every other week. Might call about it tomorrow...we'll see.

Oh, and I've decided that the day needs a few more hours in it.


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