Monday, February 7, 2011

They Are Not Monkeys.

Day 85
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Cohen and Kason usually, for some reason, eat better when they aren't at home...can be rather frustrating! Today though, they were mega distracted by a family sitting next to us. Cohen in particular is VERY nosy, and today was no exception. I reckon their nosiness is them getting their own back - we can't go anywhere without them being stared at, pointed at and talked about. I feel so sorry for them sometimes, they are going to get that for so much of their lives. Simon and I were saying that it's like they are monkeys in the zoo :-( And then we get the people, who upon SEEING them, not even meeting them, decide they are in the position to tell me which boy is "the cheeky one", or "the quiet one", or "the talkative one". One lady today saw them then proceeded to tell me how her daughter has two kids, 23 months apart, and how that is SO much harder than twins. She quickly shut up when I bluntly said, "harder than two babies teething at the same time?" I get that a lot of aspects about having two kids with that kind of age gap, but I don't think she has a clue, or even took a second to think, about some tricky aspects to having two kids the same age.


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