Friday, February 25, 2011

Pram Liner #1

Day 104
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I've spent an hour or so for the last three nights working on this pram liner. I didn't have a pattern to work from, so now that I have (finally!) finished this one, Kason's one shouldn't take too long at all. I think it's super cute, and to make it even cuter - it's reversible! The other side is a cool funky zebra kind of print - black and white (obviously...), and that will be on both liners. Cohen has this octopus print one (what is the word for more than one octopus?? Octopi? Octopusses? Just octopus?), and Kason's has jets on it. The fabrics are all a cotton drill so they should be hardwearing and last a while...hopefully!

In other news, Si was super awesome today. Well...this morning! Cohen didn't have such a good night last night. By that I mean that he was up every two hours. Yeah...Simon slept through and had no idea. I was pretty tired this morning, so I had a nap this morning while Si played with the boys then put them to bed. So that put him in the good books. For a while, anyways! Kason and Cohen got down for their afternoon nap at 3pm. We were out and didn't get home until just after 3pm today, but we just put them down when we got home. Cohen went down perfectly, but Kason didn't. He was still awake after 10mins, and while I'd usually go in and resettle him in his cot, Simon went in, picked him up and brought him out into the lounge and started playing. Then he went to work. I attempted to put Kase down again a bit later on after he'd had a feed. Didn't work, so I had to deal with a ridiculously grumpy and tired Kason until he went to bed just before 8pm! Thankfully he went down well tonight, and you never know, he might just sleep in until 8am again :-P


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