Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And We Have Success!

Day 88
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Success One:
Kason crawled!!! I really thought Cohen was going to be first to crawl, he has been moving around the floor more, and has both his knees going and has figured out one hand. Maybe because he can move so well anyways. Back to the story - Simon has this electronic hand thing that crawls on the floor on a chain's from Dracula's Cabaret so it's fairly creepy. He found it over the weekend, and turned it on today for the boys. They. love. it. As soon as Kason saw this... thing... scuttling across the floor, he started crawling after it with no hesitation! We even got it on video, which was super cool.

Success Two:
I attempted another new dinner meal tonight - apricot chicken curry. And it was goooood! I've got another two in the freezer for another night :-) And, (this is really going to show how inept I am in the kitchen) I even managed to cook some rice for the first time ever in my life! Ha, Simon really scored marrying me huh?!

Success Three:
I've been meaning to get around to baking a batch of choc chip muffins for ages now, today I finally managed it! Just as good as I remember!!

Success Four:
Tonight, I whipped up a pair of baby pants. They are FAR from perfect, but I think I've got the hang of them now, so will have to give another pair or two a shot soon. They are mega cute, so I can't wait to get a 'proper' couple done :-)

Today's picture is from our walk again. I try to get out for a 45-60 minute walk most weekdays, as long as it's not too hot or raining. We had such a great day today, and I'm excited for tomorrow - we're going swimming at the pools with Daddy before he goes to work!


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