Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 100

Day 100
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I wonder if Kason is going to be into crosswords when he is older!

We had a good weekend, Si took the boys out on Saturday, so I got a couple of hours at home by myself - I got a chance to read my book without being interrupted!

Today...wasn't so good. Kase was especially grizzly and clingy which isn't a whole lot of fun for anyone. Cohen gets jealous if Kason is getting cuddles and he's not, and he will literally climb over me, and Kason if he is in the way, to get cuddles too! The cuddles are lovely, the incessant grizzling not so much. But, they were much happier after their dinner (chicken, sweet potato & apple, followed by peach & mango with vanilla yoghurt and banana custard - must be good to be a baby, I'm having spag bol).


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