Monday, November 5, 2012

Awesome Days

We've had an awesome last couple of days. Yesterday we had to go into the city to pick up my bridesmaid dress for the wedding we are heading back to New Zealand for. We didn't come straight back home as we usually do, but instead we parked at Simon's work, caught the tram to Rundle Mall and had lunch at a beautiful cafe. The food was delicious and the boys behaved beautifully, which was awesome! It's so nice that they're getting to an age where we can actually take them out for lunch :-)

After getting the tram back to the car and driving home, we got changed and headed down to the beach. It was awesome, and I absolutely LOVE how much both Kason and Cohen (but especially Cohen!) love the beach! They run straight down to the water (holding our hands, obviously), and Cohen just wants to actually swim through the small waves, and he cries when it's time to head home again.

This morning we met some friends at the local play cafe, and had a great few hours there. We picked a few copies of the newspaper up on the way home - we were in it! I definitely was NOT expecting to see my photo on the front page, but I had had a heads up that we were likely to be on the cover of the section, which we were. Check out the link here!


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