Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Long Night!

After yesterday's busy day, I didn't think it would be unreasonable to expect Kason and Cohen to have a good night's sleep. They are generally really good, and mostly sleep right through although occasionally one will wake briefly. Last night was a whole other story! Cohen woke up about 10pm, and just would not go back to sleep! Kason decided to join in the party, too, I don't even know what time! We tried so many things to get them back to sleep, and finally managed to succeed about 2:30am. Then, I couldn't get to sleep. Fun times.

It was kinda good, actually, that the boys were in childcare today. It meant that I got a chance to have a sleep this afternoon before I picked them up! AND, Cohen had a nap at 'school', too!!!! Unheard of, I tell ya! Kason didn't, but he did get more sleep than Cohey did last night, but he was just sitting in a stroller when I got there to pick them up. Apparently he'd been in there for about 30 mins and was quite happy just having some quiet time (again, unheard of!). When we got to the car, he told me that he had been sad because he missed me :-( He was in an awesome mood after we got home, though, and so was Cohen. They were both so, so happy! They are usually cranky after 'school', so it was a nice change - that little rest they both had works wonders. Now if only they would sleep at home during the day!


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