Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Look Mummy, BALLOONS!

I took the boys to a 'Little Rockers' song time thing this morning (singing songs and playing little drums and bells etc.), and at one point, the woman leading it pulled out a box of pois. All the otger kids knew what to do with them and my boys come out with, "look Mummy, balloons!!" Pick the kids who haven't grown up in New Zealand...!

We went for a quick drive to pick my Mum up from work, and on the way we saw a couple walking their pet down the road. It was a sheep. On a leash. In the suburbs. Only in NZ!
Also in NZ, chocolate fish! So, so good! I hate to think how many I'll eat before we go back.

The boys have been so  awesomely amazing since we arrived, they have just taken everything in their strides :-) The one thing they have struggled with is bedtime. Here they are in single beds, in a strange room. The night before last, they apparently decided my parents need to redecorate...they tore the net curtains down, and ripped off a pretty decent chunk of wallpaper!
Every night so far, they have needed me in there with them to go to sleep, preferably cuddling both of them. Poor little guys :-(


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