Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I know I've been quiet on here lately...I've been crazy busy getting this hens night organised!! Only a couple more days, then we'll be gearing up for the wedding - SO EXCITING!!!

In other news, Kason and Cohen are having an amazing time with Nana & Grumps, and their speech is improving massively. At the end of last week, Cohen sentences would go along the lines of, "fgydsdtbh hgddbhuh jjyghhd hhgyhvd dog lick." Now, just a few days later, his sentences are more like, "fonzi dog lick hand, yuck!" It's absolutely how much change there is in just a few days. Kason's speech has hugely improved, too, he has a huge vocabulary, bigger than Cohen's, I think, but he is still figuring out how to make sentences. The other thing Kase has been working out over the last couple of days is the use of 'yours' and 'mine'. It's so hard to explain it to a two-year-old, but he's grasping it :-)


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