Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Busy Days!

We've been busy!

Saturday we went ten pin bowling with my parents. The boys loved it, although Kason started to melt down about round 8...he thought every turn should have been his turn! I even managed to win despite getting gutter-balls for several rounds - Dad was unimpressed, he was winning by quite a bit until I got two spares and a strike in a row :-P

Sunday the weather was playing ball a bit more, so we took Kason and Cohen to a donkey stud which was having a fundraiser and open day. Cohen absolutely loved it, and even rode a donkey! He just loved every bit of it, especially the little ride-on toy tractors they had. Kason, on the other hand, was RIDICULOUSLY clingy all afternoon. I could barely put him down, and if I did, I had to be holding his hand. At one time, I was standing right behind him and he cracked it because he couldn't see me for 5.7 seconds! He refused to ride the donkey, and didn't want to pat any of the other animals there :-(

Monday we went to Mainly Music before a playdate with one of my best friends from school and two of her three kids. After that the boys and I went on a mission to find a jumper for each of them. We succeeded, but not without drama...all because I lost a receipt to get out of the carpark for free!

Tuesday we went to Matamata with my Dad. He had something on in Te Poi, so we dropped him off before going into Matamata to catch up with another old school of mine (intermediate school this time). When we'd finished there, we went back to Te Poi to pick Dad up. He was doing some work with his cousins son on their farm. Cohen and Kason ABSOLUTELY LOVE diggers, and they have a digger on their farm, so the boys were so excited to get to drive it with their uncle :-)

Today we went to the local Twins Group. We had a good time, and it was so nice to be able to talk to the other twin mums about 'twin stuff' rather than spending two hours listening to people talking about other people I don't know! Anyways, after that, we came home, hung out, went for a walk, had lunch and went and picked my Mum from work early. This afternoon Mum and I took the boys to the Hamilton Gardens. It was such a lovely afternoon, and really warm. Kase & Cohen decided to have a swim in the shallow pool in the 'American Modernist' garden. In their clothes! Luckily for all involved, I just happened to have two towels and two full changes of clothes in the car. When we got home, they wanted Grumps to take them for a swim in the 'big' pool. It wasn't quite warm enough for that, but he dipped them both in, up to their shoulders, several times!

Now I need to find some things to occupy us for the next two days!


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