Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crap Weather

The weather here has been crap! Today was even cold enough to warrant having the heater on! We had been hoping to take the boys out to a donkey stud which is having a big fundraiser this weekend, but there was no way that was going to happen with the weather. Instead, we went ten pin bowling :-) The boys have been once before, for their 2nd birthday. They had a great time today, although Kason started to meltdown a little bit about round 8. Cohen managed to score lots of points for Nana, Grumps and Kasonk but for some reason, every time his turn came around, he would get a gutterball! I think he ended up with about 43 points, with the next person getting 70! I'm fairly stoked that I won, despite going several rounds in a row without scoring at all!

Yesterday, Kason, Cohen and I spent several hours with a friend of mine from school. She and her husband spent a year in Adelaide during the boys' first year. They were over again for a visit earlier this year, but I wasn't 100% sure that they would remember Catherine (Caleb wasn't home), but they absolutely did! When we pulled up at their house, the boys had big grins in their faces and they were super excited :-) They were also singing a song about Catherine the whole way there - so cute! Of course they wouldn't sing it for Catherine when we got there, though!


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