Monday, July 23, 2012


Wow, this weekend has been crazy busy! But definitely in a good way!
One of my best friends came to Adelaide on Wednesday last week for work, and she was able to hang out with us all weekend - I picked her up from the city on Friday afternoon and dropped her back to her hotel on Sunday night. We had SO much fun, I absolutely love hanging out with her, and I'm already hanging out for when we get to do it again. She lives in Melbourne, so hopefully it won't be too long away!
Anyways, she met us at Simon's work on Friday arvo, so we {Kason, Cohen & I} dropped him off and picked Leshy up. Got the boys' dinner on the way home, then bath and bed for them and me and Lesh got take-away pizza for our dinner.
Saturday we drove down to Victor Harbor and went to the Wildlife park where we have annual passes, then into Victor for lunch before heading back home. Saturday night I had a fundraising dinner for the Neonatal Unit {they are fundraising for a new $69,000 ventilator). It was such a great night, fantastic food and company! "They" had done such an awesome job with all the decorations, and everything was just amazing! It wasn't a super late night, I think I got home just before midnight (but then stayed up with Simon watching a movie until 2am!).
Sidebar: Just before I got home, I had to stop to let a koala cross the road!!! It was so random! Driving up to it, I thought it was a smallish dog with a limp, but as I got closer, I realised that it was actually a koala! I really wasn't expecting that - it was within 2 minutes of our home, and definitely not in the country! It was pretty cool, though :-)
Sunday was the traditional pancakes, then after a pretty lazy morning, we took the boys to the adventure playground for a few hours, and just as we were about to leave, some friends turned up so we stayed for a bit longer. After dropping Simon and the boys at home, Lesh and I went out for coffee and lunch, and just a catch up. It was so lovely!
The whole weekend went so super quickly though, but we had fun :-)

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