Monday, July 2, 2012

Crafty Weekend!

I can’t believe it's July already!!! It's been fairly quiet around here lately, but I have been doing a bit of crafty stuff.

I am finally super close to finishing the boys' playroom...

I love the little bench seat/storage unit we 'made' for the boys. It's just a skinny bookshelf turned on the side. We got a piece of foam custom fit, and then I made a cover (using drill cotton) for it which can zip off for when it gets dirty. This is what was frustrating me on Friday night. My sewing skills aren't all that flash, and I had it all figured out in my head how this cover was going to work out...but of course it didn't go to plan! It turned out well in the end, and I'm happy with it :-)
The wall stickers are all pretty random, just ones we've picked up here or there, or been given. We put them up in little 'stories'. We figure that we can use them with the boys to create big scenarios and stories. I can't wait to hear what the boys come up with!

I also whipped up the strip rag quilt sitting in the corner of the bench seat. It was so super quick to make, it only took about 2.5 hours from choosing the fabrics (I just used mismatched fabric I had in my stash) to finishing the snipping of the seams. Cohen, especially, absolutely loves it, and I think it's super cute. It was also a good way to keep from having a particular 'theme' for the room.

This morning, the patch for Kason's Wiggles duvet cover arrived from my Mum in New Zealand, so while the boys were down for their 'nap' (that's a whoooole other post!), I ironed and sewed that on, so now his Wiggles bedding is all finished. It's a different patch to Cohen's, which is good.

And above our new dining table, we now have this:

We still have a couple more photos to add at the bottom just to 'even it out' a little bit, but I love it - I think it looks awesome! We put them up last night (I've had them sitting in the frames for about 10 days, but I had to pull the stands off the back so they would hang on the wall), and when Kason and Cohen got up this morning, they noticed them straight away and kept pointing at them and saying, "Wow!! Wow!!" all day! I think they like them too :-)

And that's the end of my crafty stuff for the weekend! But, just to finish off, here's the photo list for July:

I'll probably end up doing what I did in June, and just use it as a 'guide', and if I can't think of something that will work for that day, I'll just post another random photo I take that day - that worked well in June, I didn't have so much pressure on myself to get a particular photo, but I like having the ideas to get something different to what I usually would :-)


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