Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Day

Today's photo prompt was 'best bit of your day'. I don't really have a 'best bit' today, and I certainly didn't get a photo of it, so I decided to write a post about it :-)
After being 'stuck' inside at home all day yesterday, I made sure we got out to the shops this morning with Simon to pick up a couple of things. We got there, only to discover that there was a cute school holiday activity on for little ones. They had decked out an empty shop all in white - white walls, white furniture etc, and the kids could ask for a sheet of ocean-themed stickers from the information desk which they could then stick anywhere in the room! The boys absolutely loved it, and we'll definitely be back to add more stickers before the end of the holidays :-)
Anyways, after we got home (and dropped Simon at the bus stop), Cohen and Kason rode their bikes on the driveway for a bit before lunch. This, and letting them walk at the shops, was part of my plan to actually get them to nap this afternoon...it worked a treat!!! They were both asleep within 45 minutes - this is almost unheard of lately!
After their nap, they both just wanted cuddles and stories snuggled on the couch (with the blanket for Cohen, too, of course)...SO lovely! And they were even cuddling each other, too :-) Dinner was even a success, too.
The time after their bath, and before they go to bed is always really fun, and tonight Kason was practicing his forward rolls - he is scarily awesome at them - and Cohen was trying to figure them out! He's almost got it sorted.
It was just a pretty standard day at home, I guess, but we don't really have many of those - just me and the boys at home for most of the day. It was lovely, though, and I'm now really looking forward to the rest of the holidays :-)

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