Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And There's More

And..Friday made doctors visit #2 and hospital emergency room visit #2.
Our GP was still concerned, and agreed with me that the problem with Cohen's leg was/is unlikely to be an allergic reaction to something, so referred us up to the Paediatric emergency department. We spent about six hours there, only to be sent home with no more answers...nor did they do any tests. Cohen's leg did flare up fairly badly while we were at the hospital, which was good in a way. Of course, after they gave him some pain relief, he felt much better, and that's when they decided to send us home. I was not impressed.
I went out to a friend's place on Saturday afternoon, and Cohen's leg was fine all day Saturday, but just before I left my friend's place to come home, I got a text from Simon saying Cohen was crying. I called - it was his leg again. By the time I got home, Cohen was pretty much back to normal, but Simon had videoed it. The redness which usually would only be on the lower half of his left leg was now all over both his arms and legs. The poor little boy was miserable and I felt so awful that I wasn't home to cuddle him. Daddy was though, so that's just as good :-)
Sunday morning we had him at the After Hours GP clinic. He told us there was nothing he could do and told us to go back to our usual GP during the week to get a full blood screen done. We got an appointment this morning. The doctor didn't even look at Cohen. He just told us that blood work wouldn't do anything.
The thing is, Cohen's leg isn't coming up red and super painful now. His last 'episode' was the one on Saturday night. But...all day Sunday, Monday and then today, he has been limping. All day. But we think it's improving, there were quite a few times today when we had to look very hard to see if he was even limping at all. We are going to keep a very close eye on him, and if the limp is still there on Thursday/Friday, or if it gets worse, or he has another 'episode' before then, we will be straight up to the Paediatric ER demanding they do tests. It's just not normal for a two-year old to limp.
It is so frustrating that the doctors and ERs keep palming us off to each other, and noone is giving us any answers, or doing anything to get any answers.
Cohen seems fine within himself, if a little more cuddly than usual...but he also has a bit of a cold at the moment (as does Kase). He isn't jumping as much as he usually does, but he's still climbing, and getting into mischief. I just want, and need, some answers. It's not fair on him :-(

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