Friday, July 6, 2012

These Crazy Days

Today has been CRAZY busy, but super fun!

We started off with a coffee date at a friends place...we've been attempting this for approximately three months, but for one reason or another, it's been postponed every other time! Jen & Tim have two beautiful boys, who are six and eight (I think...!), and Kason and Cohen had such a super fun morning playing with the bigger boys - and the bigger boys had lots of fun too :-)

After we got home from there, some friends who are over from New Zealand came over for the afternoon. They lived here for a year and left almost 12 months ago, which was the last time they saw Cohen and Kason. We had an awesome afternoon catching up (I went to school with Cqtherine), and we have plans to meet up again on Wednesday before they head back to Melbourne and then back to New Zealand.
They left at about 4:30pm, and dropped Simon at work on their way. It was also about that time that the boys kicked into CRAZY-gear!! I guess because they didn't even have an attempt at a nap (just not worth it with other people in the house), and they had lots of different people to show off to all day! Anyways, whatever the reason, they did. not. stop. until I put them to bed at 7pm...they were sound asleep pretty quickly! I feel much like heading to bed fairly soon myself...I was up until about 2am this morning getting the housework done, and some baking done for today (we didn't know we were catching up with our NZ friends today until last night), so I'm pretty much shattered!

Thankfully, this weekend is Simon's weekend off, and we don't have much planned at all, apart from some salsa dancing on Sunday afternoon, which I'm heaps looking forward to! Hopefully the boys will let us have a dance or two this time!

Have a good one :-)

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