Monday, July 9, 2012

Dancing Fun!

We had such an awesome day yesterday! We had pancakes for breakfast (our Sunday morning family tradition), then played outside until lunch time :-) After lunch, we went DANCING!!! Oh yeah! There was salsa on at a restaurant/bar not too far from here, and it was such a fantastic venue - the dancing was on a mezzanine floor above the main restaurant/bar, just perfect. We took Cohen and Kason along (they've been to something similar a few times before), and they had heaps of fun...especially when the percussionist let them both bang the drums! EVERYONE just kept watching them, and coming over to say 'hi' to them! The cutest moment of the day: Kason and Cohen facing each other, holding both hands, and Kason tried to stand on Cohen's feet to dance (I often dance with them standing on my feet)!! SUPER cute!

We have a pretty busy week this week...totally not what I was expecting when the school holidays started last week, but hey! I'd much rather a busy week than a quiet one :-)


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