Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lil Helper

For the last week or so, Cohen has been carrying his dirty clothes to the laundry and putting them in the washing basket for me before his bath – usually without me asking him to! He is so proud of himself when he does it to – he hugs the clothes close so he doesn't drop anything, toddles to the laundry, waits for me to open the door, then he goes over to the basket, places the clothes c-a-re-f-u-l-l-y in the basket then looks up at me with a big proud grin on his gorgeous little face. He then continues on to the bathroom and waits for Kason, who, every night, without fail, walks down the hallway, gets to the bathroom doorway, turns around and runs away giggling with his arms stretched out in front of him and his head thrown back! He loves being chased and carried back to the bath!

We had another early start this morning – Cohen woke at 3:20am, he went back to sleep in our bed with us, but then woke again at 4:45am, right ready to start his day. We managed to keep him in bed for another hour or so, and we had a few spates where we *thought* he might have gone back to sleep...but no cigar unfortunately! They both had good naps thankfully, and I managed to actually get the bathrooms cleaned!! Kason has just today discovered that he can say the word 'outside', so needless to say, they spent a bit of time outdoors! It does sound a bit more like 'ussa', but when he's standing at the ranchslider, pointing outside and saying 'ussa', it's pretty easy to know what he's after! It really is great that they are both starting to figure out how to get across what they want/need. It certainly makes life a bit easier. Although, when they get a 'no', Kason especially will start squealing. I guess he thinks that because I know what it is that he wants, he should be able to get his way, he doesn't understand that he and Cohen can't go outside to play when it's cold and raining!


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