Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All about sleep!

Monday through Thursday, Simon doesn't leave for work until about 11:15am. This works really well for us, it means that he gets to spend more time with Kason and Cohen than he would if he worked a 'normal' 9am-5pm job. It also has other benefits. Such as this morning. Usually we do the housework when the boys are at Occasional Care. It's school holidays in SA at the moment, so it's not on. Add that to last Wednesday when I was utterly shattered and spent the time they were in care asleep, and the three weeks before that that I was away...well, I don't know the last time the house was cleaned! So, this morning, I took the boys to a twins playgroup and Simon vacuumed! That's the one job that I REALLY don't like doing when the boys are asleep...I know that they probably wouldn't wake up, but, honestly, it's just not worth it!

Sleep is something that we were short of in this house today. Kason and Cohen woke up at 6:15am, then they both fell asleep on the way home from playgroup. I entirely expected this, and it was at the time they usually go down for their nap, so it was perfect really. Well, it was until we got home. Kason transferred from his carseat into his cot perfectly, like usual. Cohen, on the other hand, woke up. And did not go back to sleep. He lay in his cot chatting away. And he woke Kason up. Kase would have only had about 30 minutes total sleep.

After lunch, I knew they would be grumpy because of their lack of sleep, so we headed down to the shops to grab some things. Cohen fell asleep in the stroller, transferred fine to his carseat, then woke when I put him into his cot. Again. So, he also would have had about 30 mins sleep all day.

Kason was so exhausted come dinner time, he was *this* close to falling asleep in his highchair and he even sucked the yoghurt off of the spoon! Poor little guy then had a high temp. Needless to say, both he and Cohen went to sleep pretty damn quickly tonight!

Here's hoping they both 'sleep-in' in the morning! Luckily we have nothing on tomorrow, so we can just chill out at home and they can have their usual naps. Hopefully.


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