Wednesday, October 26, 2011

17 Months!

Dear Kason and Cohen,

Kason & Cohen

You are 17 months old today...say WHAT?!?! I have NO idea how that happened!
You are both SO awesome, and we are having so much fun...most of the time.

Cohen, you have been a bit of a monkey during the nights recently. You have been waking up, usually around 2am, and you have been flat-out refusing to go back to sleep in your cot. I will sit cradling you in your room (you stand up and scream if I just sit next to you in your cot) and get you to sleep that way, but the moment I go to put you back down, you wake up and start screaming again, no matter how sound asleep you may be. Kason, you are sleeping through, and you both sleep until about 6-6:30am. Would be awesome if you slept in until a bit closer to 7am, but hey!

Cohen, your favourite person right now is your brother. Several times throughout the day, you will go over to Kason and give him a big hug and pat him on the back. Just the other day, Kason woke up from his nap after you did, and he woke up really upset. He didn't want cuddles, and he just walked away from where you and I were having a cuddle, and stood in the middle of the floor, crying with his back to us. You got up, walked over to him and stood in front of him. You poked at his tummy, trying to make him laugh. When that didn't work, you hugged him J

Kason, you aren't quite so cuddly, but you usually tolerate Cohen's hugs. A few times lately though, you will hug him back, it is SO sweet, and I love to see that. You both love to hug and snuggle your soft toys though, your toy dogs from Grandpa, especially!
Both of you are running all over the show, in particular, you love to run away from me after your bath when you're nakey and I'm wanting to put your PJs on!
You are both starting to say a few words. You have Mum, Dad, dog, doggie (this covers any animal that vaguely resembles a dog! And Kason, you often call them dogu), up, toast, outside, ball, bird and hiya.
Kason, you are a daredevil! You discovered how to clamber over Rocky The Rocking Horse, up onto the boxes I had stashed there, presumably out of your reach, and onto the couch. We put Rocky in the toy/play room (still in progress!), and rearranged the space beside the couch, but you have just discovered new ways to get up on the couch! You will stand up, and then just fall forward (along the couch). You do it three times, until you reach the end of the couch, then you will throw the cushions off, and roll off the couch onto them!
Cohen, you LOVE to help out! At the moment, you are really enjoying picking up dirty clothes (or any piece of clothing or linen), and taking it to the laundry. If I don't follow you to open the laundry door, you will stand in front of the door and knock on it until I come and open it for you. Kason has just started copying you, but he only takes his dirty clothes on the way to the bath in the evenings. It really is great that you both find so much happiness in helping your Mama out J
Your Daddy and I have taken you guys to the beach a few times already this season. You both LOVED it!!! Kason, you are a bit weary of the sensation of the sand under your feet to start off with, but you soon suss it out. Cohen, you just head straight for the water! We are looking forward to the weather continuing to warm up so we can get in further than paddling – your little inflatable tug-boats are all ready to go!
Can't wait to see what's in store for us this coming month!
I love you both so, so much!

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