Friday, October 14, 2011

Awesome Day!

(Wednesday 12th October)

We had such an awesome day today! We started off with Cohen waking up at 6:30am (score!) and Kason waking up at 6:50am (double score!). It's so great when they have a good sleep – it puts everyone in great mood to start the day. We usually have lots of tears in the 10-15 minutes before breakfast, but this morning Cohen and Kason were much too busy playing to actually realise it was breakfast time! Not too long after brekkie, we headed off to Twins Playgroup. It was good, the boys had a blast playing with different toys, reading different books and interacting with different kids (sidebar: there were THREE sets of identical twin boys there!). On the way home, they both fell asleep, transferred to their cots perfectly, and slept for TWO hours! Seriously people, this is awesome – usually I'm really lucky to get 1½ hours from them, it's usually more like 1 hour.

Both Cohen and Kason ate great at lunch, and after playing outside for a while, tipping water from their water bottles all over themselves, playing in the dirt/mud, I got them changed and we headed to the park for a play-date. I was really happy because with these Mums, we usually go to a really small park which I don't particularly like. It's a 30-minute walk for us, whereas it's more like 5-minutes for the others, and there are often broken bottles there and a creek. We haven't been for quite a while seeing as we were away, and before we left, Kason wasn't walking too well yet, and especially on grass – he'd prefer to crawl. Now they are both walking so confidently, I really wasn't keen on having them so close to a creek – the others only have to keep an eye on one toddler! Anyways, I managed to convince them to try out a different park – one closer for us and that has a MUCH bigger park area. The playground area is bigger and better, too. It's the park that Simon and I often take them to in the weekends. The others liked it better than the usual one, so that's good! Hopefully it can be our 'usual' park now...there were several Mums who couldn't make it this afternoon.

We got home right on dinnertime, and then it was playtime, bath, milk, playtime and bed. Over the duration of the whole day, I could probably count the number of times we had tears on one hand! Seriously! Great Day! Here's hoping for another one tomorrow!


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