Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Getting to bed at 5am used to be the sign of an amazing night...now? Not so much.

Last night, I went to tuck Kason and Cohen in just before I went to bed at about midnight, as usual. But. But Kason woke up and started screaming, woke Cohen up then they both decided that there was no way in hell that they were going to go back to sleep. We tried everything. Simon ended up taking them both for a drive at 2am, and they went to sleep in the car after an hour. He came home, put them in their cots and the screaming started again. For another hour and a half we kept trying to get them to sleep (the boys' room is really close to the next door neighbours, and leaving them to cry absolutely tears my heart out - I just can't do it!), and I ended up taking them for another drive. They fell asleep pretty quickly, but I kept driving just to make sure. Got them home and into their cots, and again they woke up. Thankfully, though, they didn't cry. They chatted to each other for a few minutes and quickly dropped off again...just after 5am.

So, so glad that they both then slept in until 10am! Although, it did change our plans to be at the grocery store by 9:30am so we could get the shopping done before Simon had to go to work, but that was nothing we couldn't work around. The 10am 'sleep-in' though, did mean that both boys flat-out refused to nap at all today...despite the hour-long walk in the stroller!

Needless to say, we didn't have the best day, but hey. Tomorrow is a new day, and a public holiday at that, so Simon will be home too J And, both Cohen and Kason went to sleep super quickly tonight, barely a peep from either of them! And Simon ended up taking the car to work today, so he should be home much earlier than usual J


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