Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trains and Wiggles

We had such an awesome weekend last weekend! There was a free family fun day in our area on Saturday, so after heading down to the Willunga Markets first thing, we went and checked it out. Several of our friends were there with their kids too, and we had so much fun! It was held at the park where they have miniature trains running twice a month. We've taken the boys on them a few times before, but this time they were so much more interested in them! They are getting a bit more interested in trains now (something I don't particularly want to encourage too much...I have my reasons!), and they just kept wanting to go again and again and again! Kason particularly liked going over the little bridge J

Sunday we checked out a kids' market, and bought a new change mat cover - with The Wiggles on it. I only bought it because it was the second stall we walked past, and Kason reached up (they were walking, and not in their stroller) and grabbed a Wiggles bassinette sheet set. He would not let it go!!! When I finally managed to prise it out of his little hands, he started crying. I am so glad I got the change mat cover though. The boys have both been a mission to change lately, but now they love lying down on their Wiggles mat. Cohen pulls it out and lies down on it all the time! Makes my life a little easier not having to fight them to change their nappies!! Mind you, they still don't like me putting a fresh nappy on.


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