Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Weekend

On Saturday morning, we planned to take Cohen and Kason on a big walk. Before we left, I was hanging out the washing while Simon was supervising the boys playing outside (read: trying to keep them out of the rainwater that had pooled on the sandpit cover!). Kason all of a sudden made a break for the sandpit and Simon spun around and took off to grab Kase before he got completely drenched. In the process, Simon sprained his calf muscle. He could barely walk, so our plans were quickly out the window! Considering Simon is a dance teacher, there was no way in hell that we could risk doing more damage to it, so Kase and I quickly went across the road to the pharmacy to get some deep heat for him.
We really didn't want to be stuck inside for the day, so we took the car down to the DIY carwash place and I washed the car while Si kept a hold of the boys. That was our big outing of the day!!

Sunday was c.r.a.z.y! Luckily we were smart and made up our pancake mixture on Saturday night, otherwise we probably would have missed out on our tradition! We had a friend of mine take some pictures for us at an awesome spot (I'm absolutely going to go back there and take some myself!), and by the time we got back from there, it was time for the boys' lunch before we headed out to G's 2nd birthday party. We had an awesome time, Kase & Cohen always get on so well with G, and we also got to catch up with some other neonates twins families – one set shared a room with our boys for a week or so. It's always awesome to see how well their boys are doing after being born at 25 weeks. We met G in the neonates unit too, Cohen and Kason shared a room with him for 2 weeks, I think. It really is amazing how these kids are growing up and you would never know the rough start they all had.By the time we got home from there, it was time for their bath and bed! I was absolutely shattered, so I was in bed by 9pm which is completely unheard of for me!! Usually an early night for me would be about 11pm!

Today we just hung out at home, and we had an awesome day! We pulled out some toys that the boys haven't played with in a while, and they had fun trashing the house! We also baked some apple and cinnamon scrolls which are totally a new fav for both boys – they kept asking for "more, please!" Managed to Skype Nana & Grumps after the boys' nap and it was great. Kason and Cohen both actually stayed around the computer, talked to Nana & Grumps, showed them their new 'tricks', blew lots of kisses, and generally were just being awesome (as per most of the time!).

So looking forward to the rest of this week, all of our usual activities are back to normal, so we have playgroup tomorrow, then Cohen & Kason have Occasional Care on Wednesday, library on Thursday and then Neonates playgroup on Friday! So the week should go quickly, then just one more week until Nana arrives!!!!!!!


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