Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quiet Easter

We had a pretty quiet long Easter weekend, mostly just hung out at home together – it was certainly nice to have Simon home for four days in a row!!! We did zip out to Spotlight on Saturday, though. They had 70% of floor rugs, and we desperately needed a new one because our old one was so stained, courtesy of two little monkeys! We managed to find one, and it looks so much better! Neither of the boys were impressed at being stuck in the stroller, and Kason got so upset we had to take them out while we were still looking. They loved it! They both kept hiding amongst the rugs that were hanging up, then jumping out and roaring. It was pretty funny, until a lady come over and looked through the rugs...Kason jumped out roaring like a little lion and the woman got such a fright!!! Luckily she found it funny...it was freaken hilarious!! I couldn't stop laughing!!

Monday we decided we needed to get out of the house – the weather was pretty much crap for the previous three days, so we had been stuck inside. We took a little drive to a wildlife park about 40 minutes from here. We hadn't been there before, but we will definitely be going back – Cohen and Kason absolutely loved it!! Especially the super friendly kangaroos, which were just bouncing around everywhere. As soon as Kason and Cohen saw the roos, they just started giggling and jumping like the roos were! It was actually the first time that Kason actually managed to jump off the ground by himself! They were so great with the animals too, patting them gently and not chasing them (well, they did chase the chickens, but only a little bit!).
When we were visiting the koalas and patting them, the koalas were eating. Cohen kept saying, "uh oh, uh oh" cause the koala would bite the leaves off the trees – he thought he was being a naughty koala!! I really can't wait to go back with my Mum when she is here in a few weeks

Anyways, I better get going – lots of sewing to get done so I can get the rag quilt done by the end of this week!


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