Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One of Those Days

Today was just one of those days. You know the ones, where there is nothing specific that goes 'wrong' exactly, but it's just a crap day. It started off well - the boys and I had playgroup which was awesome. It was the Easter one, and the Kindy next door (same building) had baby chicks which they had watched hatch. The baby chicks were brought over to Playgroup for the kids to hold and pat, Cohen was so not interested in them...until 'Ummy' (read: Mummy) was holding one and Kason was patting it, then he couldn't get enough of it! I forgot to take my camera this morning, but a friend got pictures, so I'll share them when I get them. It was also photo day and Kason especially had fun posing, until he decided that he must have a snack now! The kids also had an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately I was changing Cohen's nappy and he and I missed most of the hunt, but luckily someone found some eggs for him...which he then decided to 'hide' himself - it didn't take him long to find them again!

Before we left Playgroup, I was filling in an evaluation form and both Cohen and Kason decided it would be the perfect opportunity to dig into a chocolate egg each. Yeah...that won't be happening again in a hurry, they got so hyped up almost immediately! They were running around, squealing, pulling faces and just being clowns. After dropping our friends off afterwards, we had to stop by the shops so I could get a couple more library books and pick up a canvas I had ordered. I figured we may as well have lunch while we were out as I knew both boys were likely to fall asleep on the way home. We went to my favourite cafe, and Kason and Cohen were such little ratbags! I kept them strapped in their stroller (which admittedly wasn't their usual one) and they were definitely not happy about that. Cohen kept pushing the chairs and tables away with his feet, pushing against me with his feet, and they were both squirming and straining to get out of their stroller. There was no way that was going to happen, they would have made a run for it, and likely in opposite directions! Seeing as it was lunch time, there were no highchairs available so they were stuck where they were!

They both did fall asleep on the way home, but they woke up super grumpy this afternoon. Poor little Kason has two big bite marks on his back, and another couple of little ones...Cohen has one on his hand. I just don't know how to get them to stop biting each other. They only do it when one of them has a toy that the other one really, really wants, but still. They obviously know that it hurts, they do it to each other, and I'm sure they are doing it to hurt each other. I give the toy to the boy who had it first and is the one who got bitten and take the other one down to sit in the corner with me to chill out for a couple of minutes before giving me a cuddle and a kiss and cuddle for his brother. They seem to go through phases of biting lots, then not biting for ages.

We spent a bit of time outside this afternoon, which calmed everyone down! For a while at least. Let's just say that I am very much looking forward to the boys going to Occasional Care tomorrow morning!


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