Thursday, April 12, 2012


Pretty much every night, after the boys have had their bath and are nice and snugly in their PJs, they are super happy. It's everyone's favourite time of the day, especially when they discover a new game to play. During the day, they sometimes play a game or two together, and the rest of the time they are playing near each other or fighting. After their bath, though, they love to play together. Tonight they had a new game. They would run to opposite ends of the front hallway, turn around to face each other, spread their arms wide open and run as fast as their little legs would carry them towards each other for a big cuddle!!! They kept doing it over and over again, I just loved watching them.

They are not overly affectionate with each other usually, although they will occasionally give each other a hug or a quick kiss if we ask them too, and very rarely of their own accord. I don't what it was about today, but earlier in the afternoon, Kason got very upset about something (minor, I can't even remember what it was!), and Cohen kept trying to give him hugs to make him feel better.

While they may not hug and kiss each other very often, it is so obvious that they love each other so much. And I love that. I love the bond that they have; it's amazing to watch them together. I really am so lucky!


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