Thursday, March 8, 2012


On the way to Toddler Time at the library this morning, we stopped in at Target to buy some shoes for the boys that I had seen in the catalogue. They were super cute, but when we found them in the store, they were next to some other with The Wiggles on them. Of course Kason and Cohen spotted them straight away. They took them off the racks and would. Not. Let. Them. Go. At all. They hugged a pair each tight to their chests, and there was no way we could get the shoes we were planning on getting. Even when we were trying to pry the Wiggles shoes off them to swap them for the right sizes, we got tears! Kase didn't even want to give his pair to the guy at the checkout. After we got home and I cut the labels off, they both started carrying around the Wiggles tag that was on them. They even gave the tags several turns on the slide! I'm starting to think that maybe they just wanted the tags!!! We did go out again this afternoon though, and they wore their new shoes. Kason loved that he could look at the Wiggles on his feet in the car and he loved showing everyone at Twins Group this afternoon!


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