Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Best Weekend!

We had such an awesome long weekend! Simon was supposed to work on Saturday, but it was my birthday (27!!) and he had worked the precious two weekends in a row, so he took the day off J The weather was absolutely stunning, so we started off the day by checking out the Willunga Markets. We haven't been before as Simon is usually working when it is on, and it was good. There wasn't as much there as I was expecting, but what was there was really cool. There was one stall in particular which had amazing murals. They were wood carvings with aluminium pressed into them. They were just incredible...I wish we had a spare $2400 to buy one!!!

From there we took the boys to feed the ducks down by the river. But there weren't any ducks there...do ducks migrate??! Seriously, we saw one (ONE!) duck. Usually there are 50 or so! There were plenty of fish, though, that were happy enough to eat our bread. Cohen was happy enough to eat the bread too! The fish kept leaping out of the water and fighting each other for the bits of bread which kept making Cohen and Kason laugh, so at least they still enjoyed it even with the lack of ducks!

We zipped back home for lunch and so the boys could have their nap...which neither of them were particularly interested in, so we all played outside in the sandpit and drew on the blackboard instead – lots of fun! Kason and Cohen had a quick bath and we got them dressed up and we drove into the city for our first dinner out as a family. We went in early, so it was normal dinner time for the boys and so we wouldn't disrupt too many other diners! They did well, although they didn't want to sit in their highchairs, or on our laps. They just wanted to explore, but luckily they were too shy to go far away from us.

Before we went home, we had to check out The Garden of Unearthly Delights. It's a part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Simon went last year with some people from his work, but I didn't get a chance to go, so we figured we may as well have a look while we were in the city. Kason wanted nothing more than to go on the Ferris wheel! He kept asking and asking to go on it, and he wouldn't stop watching it. We didn't take him on it though...he freaks out on fast elevators, so I don't think he would like being on a fast Ferris wheel!!! I did promise him, though, that next time we are somewhere where there is a Ferris wheel, I'll take him on it. The whole rest of the time walking around the Garden, he kept wanting to go back to the Ferris wheel! We did take them on the carousel, though, which they loved J

Both boys were sound asleep when we got home, so Simon and I watched a DVD I've been wanting to see for a while J

Awesome birthday!!

Sunday we just chilled out at home for a bit and then went out to spend some of my birthday money! I got some new jeans, a t-shirt, some ballet flats, a light jumper and a long-sleeved tee – stoked! There was a totally awesome jacket I heaps wanted to get too, but no shops in Adelaide had it in my size!!

Yesterday (Monday) was much the same, but minus the shopping. We live in a little cul-de-sac which isn't actually a road (hard to explain!), so Kason and Cohen took their little bikes out there and were riding them around. The little boy across the drive/road from us heard them, so he came out too. These three boys just adore each other, they have known each other since the day Cohen and Kason came home from the hospital and they've been going to playgroup together since then, and because we're neighbours, they see each other often J He then came over and played in the sandpit with the boys for a while. They all had a blast together!
After the boys' nap, we went down for a walk along the beach which was lovely. I love that our boys enjoy the beach so much, and that they aren't afraid of the water. They love just standing at the edge of the water and letting the little waves crash into their legs
J Kason likes to find little rocks to throw into the waves – he likes it even more when they are washed back up!

So that was our weekend! Just three days of hanging out together, it was so great! Oh, and every morning when we go in to get the boys up, Cohen asks for his Wiggles shoes. And every day, without fail, they want to wear their Wiggles shoes. I think they still love them.


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