Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time Apart

Kason and Cohen usually go to Occasional Care on Wednesday mornings. It's an absolute God-send for me as it's the only 'break' I get seeing as we don't have any family here. Anyways, today we could only get one spot. We book about 2 weeks in advance usually, so we knew before today, and to be honest, I had mixed feelings about leaving only one boy there. I know they love it there, and although they cry when we drop them off, it's only for a minute or less and then they get on with having fun! Kason has been so clingy to me lately, and more upset when we leave him at Occasional Care, that I decided that it would be best to have Cohen there by himself today, and Simon and I would spend the morning with Kason.

Cohen had a great time at Occasional Care, although I hated leaving him there by himself! He was perfectly fine there without Kason, and maybe even a little more independent – he usually asks for help to get his snack out of his bag at snack time, but today he unzipped his bag and got his banana and drink out by himself, and took it over to the table and sat down J My little boy is growing up!! We picked him up a little early, and he didn't want to go home yet! He peeked out from behind the door and then closed it and ran away!

Simon and I took Kase on a mission to the supermarket, which he loved – he ran around trying to pull everything off the shelves, especially the tins! It was a novelty for him because we usually get our groceries online, and because we only got a couple of things today, we let him 'walk' rather than be strapped into the stroller or the trolley.
From there we headed to the mall to have morning tea at a little cafe and so he could have a play on the little playground. He did well, but he seemed to miss Cohen. He wasn't quite himself. He would be running around, then stop and look around with a puzzled look on his face.

Anyways, I think it went well for both of them. Next time we can only get one spot, I won't hesitate to take Kason in for a morning without Cohen, and so we can spend some time with Cohen J


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