Thursday, March 15, 2012


As I posted last week, Kason had a week off from Occasional Care while Cohen went by himself. This week we got a spot for both boys again, so they both went as per usual. In the weeks before his week off, Kason had been clinging on to me before we even got inside the building, then had to be pried off me so we could leave. This week was a completely different story! He walked in holding my hand, then let it go, waved to me and went and sat down to draw a picture and stick stickers! When we left, there were no tears from him at all!!! Cohen cried for about 30 seconds, which is usual. I was so impressed with Kason! I guess seeing what we do while they aren't with us and seeing that we went back to pick up Cohen (I usually pick them up by myself while Simon catches the bus to work, but last week, we picked Cohen up early so Simon could come in with us) just made it click in his head that will be back for him. I don't know, but whatever it was, it made him much more confident to be left there which is great! It will be interesting to see if Cohen is like that too after he gets a turn with us, and if the no-tears lasts with Kase


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