Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Argh!!! I am contemplating the possibility of maybe going back to work...although it's not quite as easy as just 'going back to work'. I haven't worked since we left New Zealand at the beginning of 2010 as I was pregnant with the boys and I didn't think it would be fair to an employer to only be there for a few months, maximum, and we didn't know if I'd have to go on bedrest, or if the boys would be early etc. Thankfully I didn't end up getting a job as I had 2-3 appointments at the hospital every week! So I don't have a job to 'go back' to!

Anyways, it means that I haven't had to use my CV at all while we've been here, and now I need it to apply for jobs. Really don't want to have to redo it, but I absolutely cannot find it anywhere. I have looked through my drawers, the sideboard, the storage cupboards and in every one of the boxes we have in the garage – most places I've checked twice. I've also looked everywhere on my computer, including three email accounts and the website. Gone. My only chance of finding it, is that my Mum may possibly have an electronic copy on her home computer (she's already checked her work one!). But that won't have my hard copy reference letters. I'll have to get people to write them again.

So frustrated right now!!! I just don't know where else I can possibly look.


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