Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We live in a small estate – only 13 houses. The only traffic is residents coming and going, and there are lots of little kids all around the same-ish age. Our neighbours across the 'road' are good friends, and they have a 3-year old (Jack) and a 1-year old (Max). The boys have known Jack for all of their lives, and Max for all of his life. In the weekend, we took the boys out onto the 'road' so they could have a bit more space to ride their bikes. They both went straight over to Jack & Max's house and started knocking on the door! Jack & Max came straight to the door and all four of them just started giggling! Jack said, "Hi Tins (twins)! I'm gonna come and ride my bike, too! Hang on, Tins, I'm just gonna get my bike and my hat like you! I'll be back soon, Tins!" Me, Simon, and Jack & Max's Mum made a barrier of chairs across the road and watched the four boys play together. It was just so gorgeous to see, and they all obviously love playing together. Jack and Kason even played peek-a-boo with Kason's hat J


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