Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pissed. Off.

So it may be pathetic of me, but for the last 2½ years my brother and sister-in-law (they live in the Gold Coast) have been promising to come to Adelaide to visit us. They haven't visited us once, yet we have been up to visit them three, maybe four, times since we moved here from New Zealand. Their excuse is always that they can't afford it. Last night they say they are upgrading their car. Today, my sister-in-law announces that she is taking their little boy to NZ for a long weekend. So much for being broke.

It upsets me so much because it feels like we really aren't important to them at all. Take Kason and Cohen's 1st birthday, for example. My sister-in-law promised me that she and lil man would be here for the boys' birthday. The day I was expecting them to give me all their flight details, she has my brother tell me that they have booked tickets for all three of them to go to New Zealand for two weeks instead. Yeah...I'm not trusting their promises anymore. And I am so, so over it.

Just feeling super hurt right now.


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