Friday, June 22, 2012

From a High Angle

This is Cohen's new(ish) bedding!

Obviously, the second and third pictures were taken on a different day.
I'm fairly sure I've blogged before about how ridiculously obsessed with The Wiggles Cohen and Kason are, so we got them both a Wiggles sheet set for their birthdays.
{Sidebar: It is crazy hard to find cot-sized Wiggles bedding!} Anyways, we couldn't find any Wiggles blankets or duvet covers that weren't ridiculously overpriced, and seeing as we 'bought' a really nice cot-sized duvet inner with our Flybuys points before we left New Zealand, I decided I'd make them one each.
Each duvet cover (obviously I made two) only took about 90 minutes from start to finish. Initially it didn't have the patch in the middle and I was planning on putting iron-on transfer images of each of The Wiggles on 'their' colour square, but then Simon brought home this patch and I thought it looked really good in the middle, and made it Wiggles enough. Plus it was way easier than the rigmarole of the iron-on transfers! Although we now have the problem that 'our' Spotlight only had one patch...and none of the other Spotlight stores even remotely nearby to us has another one!!! I've got my Mum checking the Spotlight in Hamilton (in New Zealand) this weekend for one!!! Other than that, Kason's is all done too, just waiting on finding that patch!
Oh, and the rail covers...both Cohen and Kason are shocking at chewing on the bars of their cots. Ages ago, I made rail covers to match their name canvases above their beds, but they really didn't look right with their new bedding, so I made up these ones to match. Each one took about two hours...ridiculous, but totally worth it I think!
{Sidebar: The other side of the duvet covers (and the rail covers) is dark blue minky dots. It doesn't really match, but it works well enough, and I loved the feel of it...and so do the boys! They adore snuggling into it, and rubbing it with their hands. I'm going to have to make little snuggle squares out of it for them I think!}

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