Monday, June 18, 2012

A Bit Random

Again with the lack of blogging! My only excuse is that Cohen and Kason have really been challenging me this last week. It just might have something to do with all the new words that they are {finally!} starting to come out with! It's such a relief that they are starting to say more, and that they are putting more words together...just tonight Kason asked for "more cheese, please Mummy"! And they can both say almost every letter of the alphabet (repeating after us, but still, that's huge for them!) is SO super cute when Cohen says the letter 'L'!

Kason misses his Nana quite a bit, I think. Just randomly he will say, "I love Nana", and every night when I get him out of the bath, he excitedly calls for Nana, expecting her to be waiting in the lounge for him. It's things like that that make me sad that we live so far away from my parents and that we don't see them very often, but it also shows me that despite that, he knows who his grandparents are and he loves them. We Skype them at least once a week, and both boys have started wanting to show Nana and Grumps everything! They 'give' them cups of coffee from their pretend kitchen, and throw them balls to catch. They get so excited when I ask if they want to Skype Nana and Grumps, it's so precious.

Anyways, we've had a really good day today, and we're up to FOUR days of naps, IN A ROW!!! This is unheard of in the last couple of months, and it's so, so nice!! Here's hoping it continues J


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