Friday, December 9, 2011

Jabs and Photos

Despite Cohen and Kason having their 18-month jab and a top-up jab (the government has introduced a new vaccination, and the boys were eligible for a top-up) today, we had a good one! Both boys were in a great mood, they both had a decent nap, ate lunch well, were A-MAZING getting their needles (as in, Cohen cried for about five seconds after his second needle...Kason didn't cry at all), they behaved at the shops running a couple of errands, and, possibly the best of all...they both ate their entire dinner, without me having to mix it with yoghurt!!!!!!!!!!!! Third night in a row after refusing dinner for the last two months!!! I am STOKED! I made them some new veges yesterday, not a lot though. Three months ago, the amount I made yesterday would have lasted only three days. The last two months, it would last maybe eight days...that's how little they've been eating at night. Anyways, I think I'm going to have to make some more this weekend – never thought that would make me happy!

One of the errands we had to run at the shops was picking up the two canvases I had made up. They turned out SO much better than I had hoped/expected, I'm absolutely stoked with them, and I am uber excited about putting them up! I have two spots in mind, but I need Simon here to help me decide where will be best J I'll share when they are up.

Speaking of photos...way back in July, we had some family photos taken in the city. We had an appointment to collect the ones we chose in early August, but there was no one at the studio when Simon turned up at the agreed time. We come to discover a few weeks later that the owner of the studio died quite suddenly. It has taken a fair while (four months!), but we finally got our photos back on Wednesday!!!!! I was so excited about getting them I cancelled some plans we had made so the boys and I could go into the city with Simon to collect them (this had the added bonus of being able to get into the dance studio and have a couple of dances! Kason and Cohen loved watching cute!). Anyways, the prints were amazing, as I had remembered. I got home and put the disc in the computer only to discover that what we meant to be high-resolution photos were actually low-resolution. We paid for high-resolution. I was pretty much gutted. We had waited patiently (unlike some people we know of that went to the police, the TV stations etc.) for four months only to get a disc with photos at such a low resolution the only size we could reprint them is 6x4cm. After some hunting around online, I think I may have found a remedy. I'm going to have to get them printed to make sure, but I'm desperately hoping to be able to enlarge them quite a bit...we'll see though, I may be hoping a bit much.


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