Monday, December 5, 2011


We had our Mums n Bubs Christmas party yesterday afternoon/early evening. Everyone had an awesome time, and Kason and Cohen just loved hanging out with their friends...and seeing the dogs! Unfortunately, they weren't too interested in eating while we were there and we didn't get home until about 7:15pm. Their bedtime is strictly 7pm. Everything else during the day is usually at a certain time, but with a bit of give and take depending what we have on, but bedtime? Nope, always, always 7pm. Anyways, by the time we got home, gave the boys some dinner, bathed them and got them into bed, it was 8pm. I didn't think that it would be too much of an issue for them...and it wasn't. At least, it wasn't for Cohen! He slept in until 7:30am - SCORE!!! Kason, on the other hand, was awake at 1am. I thought I'd gotten him back to sleep in his cot, so I went back to bed. Five minutes later he started crying out again. I let him cry for a few minutes, but then went in and brought him back to our bed. It still took just over an hour for him to go to sleep. And then he was awake and ready to start the day shortly after 6am. hasn't been super fun! He was ridiculously grumpy all day. And to make matters worse, Cohen decided to start biting again today. He hasn't done that for quite a while, but for some reason today he bit Kason four times L

Thankfully we have playgroup tomorrow morning, and some friends coming over for a playdate tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully that will distract them. And hopefully they both have a great big sleep tonight so everyone is happy tomorrow!


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