Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 11

Day 11
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This is my spare room as of's chaotic!!! You can't see it all in this picture, but I have three piles of Christmas presents, two half-packed suitcases, two packed baby bags, the airer of clothes, and the sheets hanging on our spare umbrella strollers! Oh, and an uninflated paddling pool! I'm trying to get all sorted for our Gold Coast trip and our NZ trip. I think I'm almost done with all the organising, including most of the Christmas presents. Just have a couple more to get, but we will get those in NZ.

I did several big loads of washing this morning because it was supposed to be overcast but warm with showers tonight. Supposed to be. The boys and I were out for half of the day, and while we were out, it started pouring. down. As soon as we got home, I brought the washing in, but it was soaking wet, so I had to put it on a spin cycle in the machine. Hence the full airer and the creative hanging of sheets on the strollers! I also have a blanket draped over our breakfast bar stools!

I have so much I need to get done tonight, should really stop procrastinating and turn my computer off and get onto it all...


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